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New life

So, i might’ve failed to take my own advice about not procrastinating. However, it was with good reason… I was busy making big life changes and trying to survive in a village infested with ninja mosquitoes and mutant rats that … Continue reading

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Anything for goiz?

So I wanted my “come back” post to be something deep and meaningful because I’m deep, brooding and intellectual like that B^) ..however , today’s topic popped up in my head and I knew this was a divine message and … Continue reading

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I just read a blog post by Tobi Williams that got me weeping from too much laughter .. The post was basically “a love letter” from “a very cool badt goiz” to a girl on facebook .. This got me … Continue reading

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>Let me start by saying , mummy and daddy , this isn’t one of my wisdom or morally inclined blog posts so errr, you can stop reading here (I know mummy will continue tho) :ol … O yh, Izien inspired … Continue reading

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