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Product Review: African Naturalistas

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Hello loves! The African Naturalistas review I promised is here. At our last Naturals in The City meetup, I was given a nice bag of African Naturalistas products to try out. April was…

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New life

So, i might’ve failed to take my own advice about not procrastinating. However, it was with good reason… I was busy making big life changes and trying to survive in a village infested with ninja mosquitoes and mutant rats that … Continue reading

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The F word

Forgiveness as defined by wikipedia is the renunciation or cessation of resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, disagreement or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution. What those big words mean is, forgiveness is … Continue reading

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Hi guys!!!! Its been such a long time, please accept my apologies. Hope we’ve all been great this past year. Today, I want to talk about procrastination; quite apt seeing as I procrastinated posting an article for over a year … Continue reading

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Decided to talk about another ‘meaningful’ topic today ..its about people who can’t take what they dish to others…and no, I’m not talking about people who cook bad food and give it to people close to them who have to … Continue reading

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I have a thought on what to talk about today but I do not know how to turn it into a “palava chronicles”esque sort of post please just go with it and try to relate to it because its … Continue reading

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Hi guys .. i know i haven’t blogged in ages and I’m terribly sorry .. i just wanted my “com back” post to be something meaningful and not just one of those random somewhat hilarious ones .. ( by the … Continue reading

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