Decided to talk about another ‘meaningful’ topic today ..its about people who can’t take what they dish to others…and no, I’m not talking about people who cook bad food and give it to people close to them who have to eat it and act like they like it ( I’m sorry for all those wraps of lumpy eba daddy .. At least those days are gone now 😀 ). I mean people who do bad things to people and then act like they want to give up the ghost when others do the exact same thing to them.

All religions, even the occultic ones (I shall explain this later) say “do unto others what you would have others do unto you” . If you know of a religion that does not say this, please inform me so I can research on it and discredit its authenticity 😐 .

Now, let me explain the occultic one (people who watch Africa Magic english and yoruba will be able to picture what I’m about to say very clearly) . A in a bid to become wealthy and start living it up is required to kill someone to perform a ritual. So A kills his neighbor’s daughter after luring her into his apartment on a ‘market day’ with a plate loaded with Akara. A becomes rich after a few cowry tosses, an absurd dance beside a bonfire while holding a chicken and a few sprinkles of the little girl’s blood. The catch however is, in about 5 years, in order to maintain his wealth, A’s daughter and only surviving member of his nuclear family must die too. When this happens , A’s world comes crashing down, he runs mad and all the money in the world can’t cure him “to God be the glory” *credits* :|.

You get the idea. A lot of people don’t think of how they’d feel if someone close to them did what they do to other people. Imagine a world where as your boss is about to insult you and you ancestors when you accidentally spill some juice on the floor when serving him, he stops to think of how he’d feel if the same happened to him and so just says its alright and let’s you and your generation go scot-free. The world would be sooo much better no?

Don’t read this and not change how you relate with others for the better.. Put yourself in others’ positions before you rip them to shreds. Any comments, agreements or disagreements should be made known . 🙂

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25 Responses to Dish

  1. Astorre says:

    So I guess I should stop insulting a certain group of people ( . _ .)

  2. @sirkastiq says:

    You really do watch Africa Magic
    Vivid description, and yup I agree, I always say people should take a walk in my shoes before they judge me, they should however leave my socks behind, I have a sentimental attachment to ’em. 😀

  3. tolz says:

    iyawo babalawo *shrugs*

  4. msnemah says:

    Awwwwwwwwww lovely piece baybay geh… I hope people would read this and learn…. :*

  5. @youngette says:

    dear Ms.Palava,

    I love your thinking. but unfortunately, I am certain that people for generations have been thinking the very same way.
    Has it worked? or rather, is the world a better place for them thinking it?
    now THAT is the question…

    apologise to ur daddy in person u mean child!

    • Hi Youngette,

      A lot of people think it, true . But at the material time, when they shld act on their thoughts, they forget and be mean on impulse . I know I do it too sometimes. We should all practice it at the times we need to . That is the difficult part because in the heat of the moment, we tend to forget ourselves.

      I will apologise to him when next I see him 🙂 . X

  6. Kevmonster says:

    Lovely message Nike….and d comic at d beginning? Hilarious!!!!

  7. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Loool AfMag yoruba n eng. . .it’s cool how despite that SUB the moral of the story from there still relates to our environs

    The world is wicked n cold. .bt the only thing that comes to my mind when I see a topic related to this is the quote that says “Be kind to those you meet on ur way up for you can’t tell if you will need them on ur way down or sumfn like that. . .

    God help us all 🙂

  8. charles legend says:

    Lol @ ‘plate loaded with akara’. Bait be what??
    Well written and meaningful post.

  9. hehehehe. i like the smileys. i love the wit. nicely blogged.

  10. To God be the glory! LOL

  11. Phoenix says:

    *reads the post upside down* (.-. )
    I’m getting you…

    • 0latoxic says:


      Nike, very much on point jarey…

      I try, to the best of my ability, to practise the ‘Do unto others…’ philosophy. I might not change the world but maybe I can positively affect my little corner of it… or at the very least, not affect it negatively.

  12. Abdul says:

    I’m so guilty……Great message

  13. Ekene says:

    This is something I believe in, as a matter of principle.
    Do unto others what you want to be done to you. Its a natural expectation, the Holy books only remind us of this basic basic fact.

  14. Mr_Jeffrey says:

    Rapists should read this. If u knw any rapists, pls cc them this article.

  15. Dexter-sama says:

    Some of us rip on others because we are just angry. Why are we angry? Because others rip on us. It’s all cause and effect; a vicious cycle, eventually culminating in a generation of shallow concieted sociopaths with little regard for anything that does not offer immediate gratification (cc evolving Nigerian Twitter/Current global mental decline)
    Simple principle though. Even Jesus said: Love your neighbor as yourself, etc. If everyone acted with regard to other people, evil will simply cease to exist. But this is the real world, and we’re all going to die. No time for “what if” dreams.

  16. rianat ajibike onigbanjo says:

    Nice one my baby….my mantra…. let us all try and put it into practice
    meanwhile, u left out “r” in you….ancestors…

    Love u lots


    • Dad. says:

      naiz one, naiz one! no comments about d do unto others as u would have them do unto u bit, cos i think its common sense so i’m not sorry for those who dont get it! Apology for lumpy eba accepted! @ least now i know u werent trying @ poison me!

  17. theeclecticsource says:

    Truth! Insensitivity is becoming a big trend with this generation. All you need do is to sit down & spend a day on reading TT’s on twitter. Its disgusting. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ is merely a saying today. smh

  18. Olu says:

    Interesting read. The world would be a much brighter place if we all did unto others and we wished them to do unto us. Easier said than done, takes effort and compassion and concious decision. Remove the triggers and buttons we have programmed ourselves with to respond in certain ways.

    But let’s face it, abrasive TV characters who are cynical sarcastic and can spew off a condescensing monologue like beauitful poetry are more fun to watch eg House,Ari Gold,Dr Cox(Scrubs),Alan Shore,Dr Becker(Becker). Unfortunatley as much as we like them on screen in real life we’d despise and never want to encounter such personalities in real life.

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