I have a thought on what to talk about today but I do not know how to turn it into a “palava chronicles”esque sort of post please just go with it and try to relate to it because its something that I know everyone can relate to.

All too often we find ourselves bored and stuck in ruts and its like the crappiest feeling in the world. You wake up everyday feeling like a piece of cardboard that was left on the floor and has soaked in a lot of dirty water and been dried out by the heat of the sun.. I know its a weird simile but stop and imagine that. Clearly I wldnt know what the cardboard feels like but its the image that pops into my mind when I think about being stuck in a rut.

Funny thing is, your life might be perfectly fine but you just want that extra something to take your mind off the bland normalcy of your life. Sometimes we do find things to add excitement to our lives and pull us out of the ruts but then most times, it doesn’t last as long as we’d hoped it would and then we’re back to our ruts.

I find that when I’m stuck in a rut , I withdraw from people and just generally stop being fun to be around and its not the sort of person I would like to be. What I want to know / learn is how to find excitement that wld last a life time . For people within and around my age group, the things we do to temporarily solve our ruts is date someone new or pick up a hobby like blogging, photography, makeup artistry, fashion designing, rapping and things like that but if these things are not truly a part of who we are or who we hope to be, these hobbies won’t last long and when we end up back in the rut and want to find a way out, we just feel less motivated because in our minds, we’ve been there, tried and failed and feel less inclined to try with every failure.

I think the solution to this is to think about the people we aspire to be in a few years and think of things that’ll help us get there so that way no matter how “old” the activities get, we’ll still be motivated to do them to keep ourselves busy and on track to becoming better people and not just find ourselves watching our lives pass us by.

Seeing as I’m just a 19 year old and not a professional life coach or anything like that , I have taken the liberty of googling an article that can help people find their ways out of ruts .. The address is “is your life stuck in a rut? 10 ways out”. You might not need it now but I hope you remember to read it if/when you do get stuck in a rut.

Oh yeah ..I’m super sorry about my long absence ..the law is not an easy thing to study. All comments , pieces of advice , agreements and all that good stuff shld be made known . X

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14 Responses to Ruts

  1. ibetapassmynebo says:

    The rut. . .very true
    I use that time to study the dictionary. . .

  2. @Ms_BeeA says:

    Nice straightforward piece.

    Yeah, ruts can be depressing. I strongly agree with the third paragraph as at those times our lives might be perfectly fine but we’re just bored of the bland normalcy of life.

    At those times I write, read or plan stuff so as to put my mind in something fun and productive.

  3. 0laToxic says:

    I relate even more with this post especially seeing as I’m presently in a rut. Abundantwisdom herein that I know I shall call upon shortly.

    Thank you, Nike

  4. Anita says:

    I get stuck in ruts all the time and i never know what to do- its definately very depressing. My last one ended with me going ‘britney’ with my hair. Thanks for putting it into perspective for me….

  5. Jack says:

    I am in a rut! I’ll read that article later and let you know if it helps.

  6. @bule_jr says:

    everytime i read ur blog, i get ideas to write something, a post co-written by you n i shouldnt be too far away. ^_^

    i just came out of a rut because i have school, at times they are not nice to be in but i see it like the phrase of the glass that has water halfway in it and you either see it as half full or half empty. when in a rut, i have found its the time i develop yself more and i dig deeper and realise new talents and stuff i could do that i will never have thought of. other times it sucks and i end up being miserable. but its part of life and we learn from it.

  7. belated Pr0v3rs3 says:

    This is brief but brilliant, Nike.
    I’m proud of you.

  8. charles legend says:

    This post was specially sent to me from heaven. I can relate totally to this. Nice one.

  9. @youngette says:

    this makes so much sense!
    Im such a victim; in the past year i’ve colored my hair thrice…different colors!

    sometimes when in a rut i tend to enjoy my own company too much…

    This rox. great job ma’am!

  10. This post is perfectly on point. I needed that.

  11. chad258 says:

    Realy simple and nice keep it up….i like ur work!!

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