Hi guys .. i know i haven’t blogged in ages and I’m terribly sorry .. i just wanted my “com back” post to be something meaningful and not just one of those random somewhat hilarious ones .. ( by the way one day, my friend (who i dint know reads my blog) came up to me and said that my article on decision making and factors we take into consideration  really helped him and changed his mind when he was about to decide wrongly on a serious matter… yes people ,  that was my pseudo-oprah moment or something like that .. i felt really good ^_^.)

I decided to talk about failure today. We all experience it and more often than not, sadly cope with it the wrong way. Let it bring us down instead of making it a form of motivation; or believing that there is a bigger picture and God is just putting you in the perfect place to succeed (even though you don’t know it yet).

I’ll use myself as an example .. when i was in JSS2, we had our first mid term tests and i got a perfect 0 .. dassright odo x_O  .. 0/20 in the business studies test  and myself and about 5 other people who had gotten the same score were asked to stand and were  questioned about our “lack of sense” by our teacher .. i would have preferred it if the building had collapsed and just killed us all.. i was only a few seconds away from dying of embarrassment already anyway. I ended up getting either 72 or 75 over 80 in the exam and  ended up in the top 10  #LikeaBoss .  I had promised myself that i would never  fail like that EVER  again ;no matter what ; and i have never.

At a young age i had taught myself that if you fail at something, don’t let it bring you down. Try again and if you still fail then you should probably try something else. In all honesty, this post is inspired by my faculty. For those of you that don’t know, i’m studying law and it is one of the easiest courses to fail because there is no outright right or wrong answer . After exams when people ask me how it went, half the time, i actually dont even remember what i wrote and i don’t have a single clue if i will pass or fail the exam. So far,I havnt failed any modules *sacrifices 2 chickens and a rooster to the gods*. I however do know of some brilliant people who have ; this has shown me that failing can happen to anyone and it is definitely not the end of the world seeing as a good number of them have gone on to do extremely awesome things with their lives.

Failing at something (especially academically) either motivates you to do even better or tears down ur belief in yourself and your capabilities which only leads to more and even worse failure. As hard as it is to handle, we should all try to make our failure(s) motivate us to be better. I remember when I was in first year and there had been a mistake during the compilation of my result and I had been told that I failed a course ; I wept more than a person who had just lost the person closest to them .. That was , to me , the end of my life .. After a while (that same day) , I decided I wouldn’t let it bring me down and I’d just double my efforts and all .. Luckily, I didn’t actually fail the module but I had learnt that I could handle failure which now only makes me more confident when I’m doing things because now I just say “and if I fail, I’ll just do it again noni” *starts humming “mo lowo mo lowo mo lowo noni * :|..I’m sorry for that.

Bottom point is, failure is part of life .. If we never fail, we will never truly fully appreciate the times we do succeed…now go forth and be successful failures .. 😐 ok that dint come out the way I intended it to but you do get the point. You don’t have to take anything in this post to heart though ; I mean, what do I know, I’m just an 18 year old 3rd year law student ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ . Comments, opinions and all that good stuff should be made known. X

Oh yh, this post is abit old ..just never posted it.

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11 Responses to Failure

  1. highlandblue says:

    I agree. When we fail, we succeed at learning something new.

  2. samsie says:

    Hello..he’s 18*looking around*bows head in something..I am just an old woman..nice talk dear..
    I’m quite too tired to say too much..
    Failure is something far more serious than this..outside academics..and school the real threat is failing at life and responsibilities

  3. agbai says:

    good topic.keep it up sis.if you keep going like this the sky will be your starting point.nigeria needs people like you.

  4. ThinkTank says:

    Well then. I couldn’t agree more.

    Sometimes you need to fail to appreciate success. When it comes to academics, I’ve been to the highest highs (higher than many can imagine) and lowest lows (lower than many can believe). So anyone can fail really. What matters is what we do after.

    Eid Mubarak!

  5. papyrusczar says:

    I’m your newest fan. Never lose your self-confidence and you will be able to handle anything.

  6. babaneyo says:

    This post is not a failure

  7. undacover_lover says:

    #FullGbam nice

  8. @bule_jr says:

    Same as thinkthank. Was the best student in my primary school, and throughout my JS was in top 5 in KC for that matter and started to fail in SS1, didn’t know how or why and then I let it get to me and went into a downward spiral, luckily enough found my head just b4 waec and I’m a lot better now but learning how to handle failure should be drilled into young people. Its super important. (Y)

  9. kitkat says:

    You’re a law student like me..ayeee!! :’)
    nice post, dayuum your business studies teacher was harsh hey :/

  10. ladetawak says:

    If you fail, try try try again.

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